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Roylco Annual Catalog 2016 : IFC

Art Exploration to providing hers and are devoted ac te ts. to t men it comm for teachers and studen ts oduc pr We take pride in our y lit innovative, top-qua stry excellent service and ill strive to be indu st we on as re e th e ho are just eblood; they ar perience to those w Teachers are our lif ex of s year ve ha s who needs. leaders. From teacher oducts to suit their pr st be y ver e th ts star ting out, we make t, from teachers’ budge velopmen de t oduc pr s hing in our special need We consider everyt learning and targeted lar cu ri ur s-c os cr to the impor tance of considerations. We’ve produced quick, engaging and accessible product videos for our YouTube channel and website to supplement our guides. View our latest promotional videos featuring the R59601 Light Cube and R59630 Sensory Tray! Visit to see our entire library! We Are who self le ication of teachers ded e th by ed ir sp make ts are in t with new ideas to imen Many of our produc per ex and eir classroom explore options in th aging. hers, resources fun and eng to give back to teac s ce sour re gned si guides that is, we have de al videos and print Taking cues from th on ti ruc st in s, book free e-including our blog, our products. accompany each of s! acher e T For Here ssly help! to e her e We ar Each of our products is accompanied by a basic, printed guide that gives educators an over view on how to use the product with detailed descriptions and illustrations. Additionally, we have created more detailed guides that you can find on our website. The full guides feature color illustrations, additional project ideas and cross-curricular explorations and connections. ! For full CHOKING HAZARD description see TABLE OF CONTENTS page e V ing 2 with the intention of giv We created our blog in 201 al se crafts and education educators a range of diver tively in their classrooms. fec ef ials ter ma e us at th projects follow photographs and easy to Each post features colorful t posts that relate to subjec instructions. We’ve created ion at science, ar t, physical educ areas including literacy, and sensory play!! To see more, visit littlefinger We take every oppor tunity to provide teachers with FREE resources! Inspired by our highly respected workshops, we’ve written and illustrated a range of educational e-books that give project ideas for younger children in almost every subject area. Explore our latest published work, The Art of Learning, featuring 50+ ways to teach Math, Science, Literacy and Socio-Emotional Development under the unifying theme of art! In addition, explore our other online-only published works, including The Art of Engineering, Light Table Magic, The Art of Mathematics and The Human Body: Inside & Out. Email us at for more details! visit roylco .com for f o r ideas i d e a s and a n d more! m o r e !

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