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Roylco Annual Catalog 2017 : IFC

CALLING ALL SUPER LEARNERS TO ROYLCO! INSPIRE STUDENTS TO BECOME SUPER LEARNERS WITH OUR SUPER PRODUCTS! What is a super learner? A super learner is a student who has been inspired to learn and create with confidence by dedicated, innovative teachers. Super learners have their teachers for support; at Roylco, our mission is to support teachers with excellent service and innovative, top-quality products. Whether you are an experienced super teacher, or just starting out, we have the tools for your super learners. Super Learners excel in finding creative solutions to challenges. We focus on the importance of cross-curricular learning and exploration through art in order to help foster student creativity and confidence. From our Super Learner Classroom Capes (page 46) to our Stand-Up Robots (page 15), Roylco’s multipurpose products encourage creative, and active learning across many subjects. WE ARE HERE FOR SUPER TEACHERS! We know that not every super teacher has a big budget so we have designed online resources that teachers can access, including free e-books, instructional videos and guides that accompany each of our products. These resources suggest ideas and activities for a range of developmental levels, so you always have developmentally appropriate activities for all your super learners! Additionally, we have created more detailed guides that you can find on our website. The full guides feature color illustrations, additional project ideas and cross-curricular explorations and connections. E-BOOKS We take every opportunity to provide teachers with FREE resources! Inspired by our highly respected workshops, we’ve written and illustrated a range of educational e-books that give project ideas for younger children in almost every subject area. Explore our latest published work, The Art of Learning, featuring 50+ ways to teach Math, Science, Literacy and Socio-Emotional Development under the unifying theme of art! In addition, explore our other online-only published works, including The Art of Engineering, Light Table Magic, The Art of Mathematics and The Human Body: Inside & Out. Email us at for more details! VIDEOS: We’ve produced quick, engaging and accessible product videos for our YouTube channel and website to supplement our guides. View our latest promotional videos featuring the R59601 Light Cube and R59630 Sensory Tray! Visit roylcoinc to see our entire library! GUIDES: Our products are accompanied by a basic, printed guide that gives educators an overview on how to use the product with detailed descriptions and illustrations. ! For full CHOKING HAZARD description see TABLE OF CONTENTS page V visit roylco .com for ideas and more!

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